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General properties
Name, symbol, number darmstadtium, Ds, 110
Group, period, block 107, d
Standard atomic weight {{{atomic mass}}} g/mol
Electron configuration [Rn] 5f14 6d8 7s2
Electrons per shell 2, 8, 18, 32, 32, 16, 2 (Image)
Physical properties
Phase solid ((predicted) )
Density (near r.t.) 34.8 g/cm3
Atomic properties
Oxidation states 8, 6, 4, 2, 0
((predicted) )
Ionization energies
1st: {{{1st ionization energy}}} kJ/mol
2nd: {{{2nd ionization energy}}} kJ/mol
3rd: {{{3rd ionization energy}}} kJ/mol
Atomic radius 132 pm
Covalent radius 128 pm
Crystal structure body-centered cubic
Crystal structure note (predicted)
CAS registry number 54083-77-1
Most stable isotopes
Main article: Isotopes of darmstadtium
iso NA half-life DM DE (MeV) DP
279Ds syn 0.2 s 10% α 275Hs
90% SF
281Ds syn 14 s 94% SF
6% α 277Hs

Darmstadtium is a chemical element. It has been named ununnilium (Uun) or eka-platinum but is now named darmstadtium. It has the symbol Ds. It has the atomic number 110. It is a transuranium element.

The element is named in honor of German city Darmstadt.

Darmstadtium is a radioactive element that does not exist in nature. It has to be made. The isotopes with an atomic mass from 267 to 273 have very short half-lifes. The half life of these isotopes is measured in milliseconds. Isotopes of darmstadtium with an atomic mass of 279 and 281 were synthesised after the other isotopes. Ds-279 and Ds-281 decay more slowly. The isotope with an atomic mass of 279 has a half life of 180 milliseconds and Ds-281 has a half life of 11.1 seconds.

No uses for darmstadtium are known. What darmstadtium looks like is not known because not enough has been made to see it with human eyesight.


Darmstadtium was first made on November 9, 1994. It was made at the Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung (GSI) in Darmstadt, Germany. Only a few atoms of it were made. It was made by bombarding a lead target with nickel. A nuclear fusion reaction happened and made the element.

This is shown by the equation below that is the reaction that happened. Pb is the symbol for lead, Ni is the symbol for nickel and n is the symbol for a neutron.

Pb + 62
Ni→ 269
Ds + 1

The element was named for Darmstadt which was the place of its discovery. The GSI is in Wixhausen, a part of the north of the city of Darmstadt. The new name (darmstadtium) was given to the chemical element by the IUPAC in August 2003.

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