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This list includes significant mountain peaks and high points located in the United States arranged alphabetically by state, district, or territory. The highest peak or point in each state is noted in bold.

Significant mountain peaks and high points



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  • Big Baldy
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New Hampshire

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New Jersey

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New Mexico

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New York

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North Carolina

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North Dakota

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Rhode Island

South Carolina

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South Dakota

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West Virginia

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  • Blue Mounds, highest summit of the Ocooch Mountains
  • Belmont Mound, (Ocooch Mountains)
  • Platte Mound, (Ocooch Mountains)
  • Ocooch Mountains, highest and most rugged part of the Driftless Area of the upper Midwest.
  • Timms Hill, highest summit of the State of Wisconsin


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District of Columbia

American Samoa

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Northern Mariana Islands

Puerto Rico

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United States Virgin Islands

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Summit disambiguation

The following list includes links to disambiguation and set index articles for topographic summits of the United States with identical names. The United States Board on Geographic Names is the official authority for all United States geographic names. The United States Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System provides Internet access to these geographic names.

  • Bald Eagle Mountain – 7 summits in 6 states
  • Bald Knob – 142 summits in 30 states
  • Bald Mountain – 303 summits in 31 states
  • Baldy Mountain – 56 summits in 17 states
  • Baldy Peak – 19 summits in 12 states
  • Bear Mountain – 144 summits in 30 states
  • Black Butte – 113 summits in 14 states
  • Black Mesa – 41 summits in 7 states
  • Black Mountain – 266 summits in 29 states
  • Boundary Peak – 8 summits in 7 states
  • Camelback Mountain – 9 summits in 6 states
  • Campbell Hill – 20 summits in 15 states
  • Capitol Peak – 6 summits in 5 states
  • Castle Peak – 24 summits in 10 states
  • Cloud Peak – 4 summits in Alaska, Michigan, and Wyoming
  • Crater Peak – 8 summits in 7 states
  • Crown Mountain – 6 summits in 5 states and a summit in a territory
  • Diamond Peak – 22 summits in 11 states
  • Eagle Mountain – 41 summits in 20 states
  • Eagle Peak – 44 summits in 15 states
  • El Capitan – 6 summits in 5 states
  • Elk Mountain – 60 summits in 14 states
  • Flat Top Mountain – 41 summits in 18 states
  • Fremont Peak – 7 summits in 5 states
  • Glass Mountain – 3 summits in California and a summit in Oregon
  • Granite Mountain – 57 summits in 17 states
  • Granite Peak – 42 summits in 12 states
  • Grizzly Peak – 22 summits in 7 states
  • High Point – 43 summits in 19 states
  • Humboldt Peak – 3 summits in California, Colorado, and Nevada
  • King Peak – 3 summits in Arizona, California, and Nevada
  • Kings Peak – 2 summits in Idaho and Utah
  • Lookout Mountain – 113 summits in 28 states
  • Matterhorn – 3 summits in Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon
  • Mount Adams – 7 summits in 6 states
  • Mount Bailey – 2 summits in Colorado and Oregon
  • Mount Baldy 22 summits in 13 states
  • Mount Cleveland – 4 summits in Alaska, Montana, and Vermont
  • Mount Dana – 3 summits in Alaska, California, and Washington
  • Mount Davis – 7 summits in 5 states
  • Mount Douglas – 2 summits in Alaska and a summit in Montana
  • Mount Ellen – 2 summits in California and Vermont
  • Mount Hood – 3 summits in California, Massachusetts, and Oregon
  • Mount Hopkins – 2 summits in Arizona and California
  • Mount Jackson – 10 summits in 7 states
  • Mount Jefferson – 10 summits in 10 states
  • Mount Kimball – 3 summits in Alaska, Arizona, and Colorado
  • Mount Lincoln – 8 summits in 7 states
  • Mount Marcy – 4 summits in 4 states
  • Mount Michelson – 2 summits in Alaska
  • Mount Mitchell – 3 summits in North Carolina, Oregon, and Washington
  • Mount Morgan – 5 summits in 4 states
  • Mount Nebo – 28 summits in 20 states
  • Mount Owen – 5 summits in 4 states
  • Mount Powell – 5 summits in 5 states
  • Mount Russell – a summit in Alaska and 2 summits in California
  • Mount Sanford – 2 summits in Alaska and Connecticut
  • Mount Steller – 2 summits in Alaska
  • Mount Taylor – 2 summits in Nevada and New Mexico
  • Mount Tom – 44 summits in 18 states
  • Mount Warren – 5 summits in 5 states
  • Mount Washington – 14 summits in 10 states and a summit in a territory
  • Mount Wilson – 11 summits in 8 states
  • Mummy Mountain – 5 summits in 5 states
  • North Mountain – 25 summits in 16 states
  • Mount Olympus – 9 summits in 8 states
  • Pyramid Peak – 45 summits in 11 states
  • Red Mountain – 160 summits in 21 states
  • Rocky Mountain – 46 summits in 22 states
  • Slide Mountain – 26 summits in 13 states
  • Split Mountain – 12 summits in 8 states
  • Stone Mountain – 31 summits in 15 states
  • Storm King Mountain – 5 summits in Colorado, New York, and Washington
  • Thompson Peak – 16 summits in 7 states
  • Three Sisters – 17 summits in 10 states
  • Treasure Mountain – 10 summits in 6 states
  • Twin Peak – 6 summits in 4 states
  • Twin Peaks – 106 summits in 18 states
  • University Peak – 2 summits in Alaska and California
  • Wheeler Peak – 6 summits in 4 states
  • White Mountain – 44 summits in 19 states
  • Wildcat Mountain – 43 summits in 22 states

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