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Counties of Oklahoma
Location State of Oklahoma
Number 77
Populations 2,296 (Cimarron) – 796,292 (Oklahoma)
Areas 371 square miles (960 km2) (Marshall) – 2,251 square miles (5,830 km2) (Osage)
Government County government
Subdivisions cities, towns, unincorporated communities, Indian reservations, census designated place
civil townships (Statehood until mid 1930s)

The U.S. state of Oklahoma has 77 counties. It is ranked 20th in size and 17th in the number of counties, between Mississippi with 82 counties and Arkansas with 75 counties.

Oklahoma originally had seven counties (Logan, Cleveland, Oklahoma, Canadian, Kingfisher, Payne, and Beaver) when it was first organized as the Oklahoma Territory. These counties were designated numerically, first through seventh. New counties added after this were designated by letters of the alphabet. The first seven counties were later renamed. The Oklahoma Constitutional Convention named all of the counties that were formed when Oklahoma entered statehood in 1907. Only two counties have been formed since then. Upon statehood, all Oklahoma counties allowed civil townships within their counties. A few years after statehood, a constitutional amendment allowed them to be abolished on a county-by-county basis, and by the mid-1930s, all Oklahoma counties had voted to do so.

According to the Oklahoma Constitution, a county can be disorganized if the sum of all taxable property is less than $2.5 million. If so, then a petition must be signed by one-fourth of the population and then a vote would occur. If a majority votes for dissolution of the county, the county will be combined with an adjacent county with the lowest valuation of taxable property.

The Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) code, which is used by the United States government to uniquely identify counties, is provided with each entry. The FIPS code for each county links to census data for that county.

The area in these tables is land area, and does not include water area.

Oklahoma's postal abbreviation is OK and its FIPS state code is 40.

Alphabetical list

FIPS code County seat Established Origin Etymology Density
Population Area Map
Adair County 001 Stilwell 1907 Cherokee lands William Penn Adair, Cherokee tribal leader and Confederate colonel in the American Civil War 39.38 &&&&&&&&&&022683.&&&&&022,683 &&&&&&&&&&&&0576.&&&&&0576 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01492.&&&&&01,492 km2)
State map highlighting Adair County
Alfalfa County 003 Cherokee 1907 Woods County William H. "Alfalfa Bill" Murray, ninth Governor of Oklahoma 6.51 &&&&&&&&&&&05642.&&&&&05,642 &&&&&&&&&&&&0867.&&&&&0867 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02246.&&&&&02,246 km2)
State map highlighting Alfalfa County
Atoka County 005 Atoka 1907 Choctaw lands Captain Atoka, a noted Choctaw leader and signer of the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek 14.5 &&&&&&&&&&014182.&&&&&014,182 &&&&&&&&&&&&0978.&&&&&0978 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02533.&&&&&02,533 km2)
State map highlighting Atoka County
Beaver County 007 Beaver 1890 Seventh County (entire panhandle until 1907) The Beaver River 3.11 &&&&&&&&&&&05636.&&&&&05,636 &&&&&&&&&&&01814.&&&&&01,814 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&04698.&&&&&04,698 km2)
State map highlighting Beaver County
Beckham County 009 Sayre 1907 Greer County and Roger Mills County J. C. W. Beckham, Governor of Kentucky 24.52 &&&&&&&&&&022119.&&&&&022,119 &&&&&&&&&&&&0902.&&&&&0902 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02336.&&&&&02,336 km2)
State map highlighting Beckham County
Blaine County 011 Watonga 1890 Part of Cheyenne and Arapaho reservation. James G. Blaine, Speaker of the U. S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senator and Secretary of State 12.86 &&&&&&&&&&011943.&&&&&011,943 &&&&&&&&&&&&0929.&&&&&0929 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02406.&&&&&02,406 km2)
State map highlighting Blaine County
Bryan County 013 Durant 1907 Choctaw lands William Jennings Bryan, Secretary of State, famous orator and three-time U.S. Presidential candidate 46.66 &&&&&&&&&&042416.&&&&&042,416 &&&&&&&&&&&&0909.&&&&&0909 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02354.&&&&&02,354 km2)
State map highlighting Bryan County
Caddo County 015 Anadarko 1901 Indian Territory From Indian word "Kaddi" meaning life or chief 23.16 &&&&&&&&&&029600.&&&&&029,600 &&&&&&&&&&&01278.&&&&&01,278 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&03310.&&&&&03,310 km2)
State map highlighting Caddo County
Canadian County 017 El Reno 1901 Part of Cheyenne and Arapaho reservation The Canadian River. 128.38 &&&&&&&&&0115541.&&&&&0115,541 &&&&&&&&&&&&0900.&&&&&0900 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02331.&&&&&02,331 km2)
State map highlighting Canadian County
Carter County 019 Ardmore 1907 Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation A prominent family of early settlers 57.71 &&&&&&&&&&047557.&&&&&047,557 &&&&&&&&&&&&0824.&&&&&0824 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02134.&&&&&02,134 km2)
State map highlighting Carter County
Cherokee County 021 Tahlequah 1907 Originally settled by Cherokee Indians following the Trail of Tears Cherokee Nation of Indians 62.57 &&&&&&&&&&046987.&&&&&046,987 &&&&&&&&&&&&0751.&&&&&0751 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01945.&&&&&01,945 km2)
State map highlighting Cherokee County
Choctaw County 023 Hugo 1907 Choctaw Nation Choctaw Nation of Indians 19.64 &&&&&&&&&&015205.&&&&&015,205 &&&&&&&&&&&&0774.&&&&&0774 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02005.&&&&&02,005 km2)
State map highlighting Choctaw County
Cimarron County 025 Boise City 1907 Seventh County (entire panhandle until 1907) Cimarron River 1.34 &&&&&&&&&&&02475.&&&&&02,475 &&&&&&&&&&&01835.&&&&&01,835 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&04753.&&&&&04,753 km2)
State map highlighting Cimarron County
Cleveland County 027 Norman 1890 County 3 in Oklahoma Territory. Grover Cleveland, twice President of the United States 477.15 &&&&&&&&&0255755.&&&&&0255,755 &&&&&&&&&&&&0536.&&&&&0536 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01388.&&&&&01,388 km2)
State map highlighting Cleveland County
Coal County 029 Coalgate 1907 Tobucksy County, Choctaw Nation Coal, the primary economic product of the region at the time 11.44 &&&&&&&&&&&05925.&&&&&05,925 &&&&&&&&&&&&0518.&&&&&0518 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01342.&&&&&01,342 km2)
State map highlighting Coal County
Comanche County 031 Lawton 1907 Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache reservation Spanish "Camino Ancho", meaning broad trail 116.09 &&&&&&&&&0124098.&&&&&0124,098 &&&&&&&&&&&01069.&&&&&01,069 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02769.&&&&&02,769 km2)
State map highlighting Comanche County
Cotton County 033 Walters 1912 Lands of Quapaws, Choctaws, Chickasaws, Comanche Reservation, and Big Pasture The principal economic base of the county, cotton 9.72 &&&&&&&&&&&06193.&&&&&06,193 &&&&&&&&&&&&0637.&&&&&0637 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01650.&&&&&01,650 km2)
State map highlighting Cotton County
Craig County 035 Vinita 1907 Cherokee Nation Granville Craig, a prominent Cherokee planter 19.75 &&&&&&&&&&015029.&&&&&015,029 &&&&&&&&&&&&0761.&&&&&0761 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01971.&&&&&01,971 km2)
State map highlighting Craig County
Creek County 037 Sapulpa 1907 Creek Nation Creek Nation of Indians 73.19 &&&&&&&&&&069967.&&&&&069,967 &&&&&&&&&&&&0956.&&&&&0956 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02476.&&&&&02,476 km2)
State map highlighting Creek County
Custer County 039 Arapaho 1891 Cheyenne-Arapaho Reservation George A. Custer, United States Army cavalry commander during the Indian Wars 27.83 &&&&&&&&&&027469.&&&&&027,469 &&&&&&&&&&&&0987.&&&&&0987 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02556.&&&&&02,556 km2)
State map highlighting Custer County
Delaware County 041 Jay 1907 Delaware District of Cherokee Nation Delaware Nation of Indians 55.99 &&&&&&&&&&041487.&&&&&041,487 &&&&&&&&&&&&0741.&&&&&0741 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01919.&&&&&01,919 km2)
State map highlighting Delaware County
Dewey County 043 Taloga 1892 Cheyenne-Arapaho Reservation Admiral George Dewey, hero of the Spanish–American War 4.81 &&&&&&&&&&&04810.&&&&&04,810 &&&&&&&&&&&01000.&&&&&01,000 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02590.&&&&&02,590 km2)
State map highlighting Dewey County
Ellis County 045 Arnett 1907 Roger Mills and Woodward counties Albert H. Ellis, member of the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention and first state Legislature 3.38 &&&&&&&&&&&04151.&&&&&04,151 &&&&&&&&&&&01229.&&&&&01,229 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&03183.&&&&&03,183 km2)
State map highlighting Ellis County
Garfield County 047 Enid 1893 Cherokee Outlet James Garfield, President of the United States 57.26 &&&&&&&&&&060580.&&&&&060,580 &&&&&&&&&&&01058.&&&&&01,058 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02740.&&&&&02,740 km2)
State map highlighting Garfield County
Garvin County 049 Pauls Valley 1907 Chickasaw Nation Samuel Garvin, a prominent Chickasaw Indian and local merchant 34.09 &&&&&&&&&&027576.&&&&&027,576 &&&&&&&&&&&&0809.&&&&&0809 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02095.&&&&&02,095 km2)
State map highlighting Garvin County
Grady County 051 Chickasha 1907 Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation Henry W. Grady, editor of the Atlanta Constitution 47.62 &&&&&&&&&&052431.&&&&&052,431 &&&&&&&&&&&01101.&&&&&01,101 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02852.&&&&&02,852 km2)
State map highlighting Grady County
Grant County 053 Medford 1892 County L Ulysses S. Grant, President of the United States 4.52 &&&&&&&&&&&04527.&&&&&04,527 &&&&&&&&&&&01001.&&&&&01,001 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02593.&&&&&02,593 km2)
State map highlighting Grant County
Greer County 055 Mangum 1896 Greer County, Texas John Alexander Greer, Lieutenant Governor of Texas 9.76 &&&&&&&&&&&06239.&&&&&06,239 &&&&&&&&&&&&0639.&&&&&0639 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01655.&&&&&01,655 km2)
State map highlighting Greer County
Harmon County 057 Hollis 1909 GREER County Judson Harmon, U.S. Attorney General and Governor of Ohio 5.43 &&&&&&&&&&&02922.&&&&&02,922 &&&&&&&&&&&&0538.&&&&&0538 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01393.&&&&&01,393 km2)
State map highlighting Harmon County
Harper County 059 Buffalo 1893 Woodward County Oscar G. Harper, clerk of the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention 3.55 &&&&&&&&&&&03685.&&&&&03,685 &&&&&&&&&&&01039.&&&&&01,039 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02691.&&&&&02,691 km2)
State map highlighting Harper County
Haskell County 061 Stigler 1907 San Bois County of the Choctaw Nation Charles N. Haskell, first Governor of Oklahoma 22.13 &&&&&&&&&&012769.&&&&&012,769 &&&&&&&&&&&&0577.&&&&&0577 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01494.&&&&&01,494 km2)
State map highlighting Haskell County
Hughes County 063 Holdenville 1907 Choctaw Nation and Creek Nation lands William C. Hughes, member of the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention 17.35 &&&&&&&&&&014003.&&&&&014,003 &&&&&&&&&&&&0807.&&&&&0807 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02090.&&&&&02,090 km2)
State map highlighting Hughes County
Jackson County 065 Altus 1907 Greer County Either Stonewall Jackson, Confederate general during the American Civil War or Andrew Jackson, seventh President of the United States 32.93 &&&&&&&&&&026446.&&&&&026,446 &&&&&&&&&&&&0803.&&&&&0803 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02080.&&&&&02,080 km2)
State map highlighting Jackson County
Jefferson County 067 Waurika 1907 Comanche County and part of Chickasaw Nation Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States 8.53 &&&&&&&&&&&06472.&&&&&06,472 &&&&&&&&&&&&0759.&&&&&0759 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01966.&&&&&01,966 km2)
State map highlighting Jefferson County
Johnston County 069 Tishomingo 1907 Chickasaw Nation land Douglas H. Johnston, Governor of the Chickasaw Nation 16.99 &&&&&&&&&&010957.&&&&&010,957 &&&&&&&&&&&&0645.&&&&&0645 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01671.&&&&&01,671 km2)
State map highlighting Johnston County
Kay County 071 Newkirk 1895 County K, Cherokee Strip Originally designated as county "K" 50.67 &&&&&&&&&&046562.&&&&&046,562 &&&&&&&&&&&&0919.&&&&&0919 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02380.&&&&&02,380 km2)
State map highlighting Kay County
Kingfisher County 073 Kingfisher 1907 Unassigned Lands Either for the kingfisher bird or King David Fisher, an early settler in the area 16.65 &&&&&&&&&&015034.&&&&&015,034 &&&&&&&&&&&&0903.&&&&&0903 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02339.&&&&&02,339 km2)
State map highlighting Kingfisher County
Kiowa County 075 Hobart 1901 Kiowa-Comanche-Apache Indian Reservations Kiowa Nation of Indians 9.31 &&&&&&&&&&&09446.&&&&&09,446 &&&&&&&&&&&01015.&&&&&01,015 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02629.&&&&&02,629 km2)
State map highlighting Kiowa County
Latimer County 077 Wilburton 1907 Choctaw Nation land James S. Latimer, member of the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention 15.45 &&&&&&&&&&011154.&&&&&011,154 &&&&&&&&&&&&0722.&&&&&0722 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01870.&&&&&01,870 km2)
State map highlighting Latimer County
Le Flore County 079 Poteau 1907 Choctaw Nation A Choctaw Indian family of French descent 31.77 &&&&&&&&&&050384.&&&&&050,384 &&&&&&&&&&&01586.&&&&&01,586 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&04108.&&&&&04,108 km2)
State map highlighting Le Flore County
Lincoln County 081 Chandler 1891 County A in Oklahoma Territory Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States 35.74 &&&&&&&&&&034273.&&&&&034,273 &&&&&&&&&&&&0959.&&&&&0959 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02484.&&&&&02,484 km2)
State map highlighting Lincoln County
Logan County 083 Guthrie 1891 County 1 in Oklahoma Territory John A. Logan, American Civil War general 56.17 &&&&&&&&&&041848.&&&&&041,848 &&&&&&&&&&&&0745.&&&&&0745 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01930.&&&&&01,930 km2)
State map highlighting Logan County
Love County 085 Marietta 1907 Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory Overton Love, Chickasaw judge and prominent landowner 18.3 &&&&&&&&&&&09423.&&&&&09,423 &&&&&&&&&&&&0515.&&&&&0515 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01334.&&&&&01,334 km2)
State map highlighting Love County
Major County 093 Fairview 1909 Woods County, Oklahoma Territory John C. Major, member of the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention 7.87 &&&&&&&&&&&07527.&&&&&07,527 &&&&&&&&&&&&0957.&&&&&0957 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02479.&&&&&02,479 km2)
State map highlighting Major County
Marshall County 095 Madill 1907 Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory The maiden name of a member of the Constitutional Convention's mother 42.7 &&&&&&&&&&015840.&&&&&015,840 &&&&&&&&&&&&0371.&&&&&0371 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&&0961.&&&&&0961 km2)
State map highlighting Marshall County
Mayes County 097 Pryor 1907 Saline District, Cherokee Nation Cherokee leader Samuel Houston Mayes 62.89 &&&&&&&&&&041259.&&&&&041,259 &&&&&&&&&&&&0656.&&&&&0656 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01699.&&&&&01,699 km2)
State map highlighting Mayes County
McClain County 087 Purcell 1907 Choctaw Nation land Charles M. McClain, member of the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention 60.54 &&&&&&&&&&034506.&&&&&034,506 &&&&&&&&&&&&0570.&&&&&0570 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01476.&&&&&01,476 km2)
State map highlighting McClain County
McCurtain County 089 Idabel 1907 The McCurtain family, a prominent Choctaw landowning group 17.9 &&&&&&&&&&033151.&&&&&033,151 &&&&&&&&&&&01852.&&&&&01,852 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&04797.&&&&&04,797 km2)
State map highlighting McCurtain County
McIntosh County 091 Eufaula 1907 Creek Nation land The McIntosh family, a prominent Creek landowning group 32.66 &&&&&&&&&&020252.&&&&&020,252 &&&&&&&&&&&&0620.&&&&&0620 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01606.&&&&&01,606 km2)
State map highlighting McIntosh County
Murray County 099 Sulphur 1907 Chickasaw Nation land Governor of Oklahoma William H. "Alfalfa Bill" Murray 32.27 &&&&&&&&&&013488.&&&&&013,488 &&&&&&&&&&&&0418.&&&&&0418 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01083.&&&&&01,083 km2)
State map highlighting Murray County
Muskogee County 101 Muskogee 1907 Muskogee District of Creek Nation and part of Illinois and Canadian Districts of Cherokee Nation Muskogee Nation of Indians 87.21 &&&&&&&&&&070990.&&&&&070,990 &&&&&&&&&&&&0814.&&&&&0814 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02108.&&&&&02,108 km2)
State map highlighting Muskogee County
Noble County 103 Perry 1897 County P in Oklahoma Territory. U.S. Secretary of the Interior John W. Noble 15.79 &&&&&&&&&&011561.&&&&&011,561 &&&&&&&&&&&&0732.&&&&&0732 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01896.&&&&&01,896 km2)
State map highlighting Noble County
Nowata County 105 Nowata 1907 Cooweescoowee District of Cherokee Nation The town of Nowata, Oklahoma. The exact origin is unknown, but the two most common stories are that railroad surveyors used the Delaware word noweta for welcome or that a sign was posted indicating that local springs had no water: No wata 18.65 &&&&&&&&&&010536.&&&&&010,536 &&&&&&&&&&&&0565.&&&&&0565 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01463.&&&&&01,463 km2)
State map highlighting Nowata County
Okfuskee County 107 Okemah 1907 Creek Nation land Creek town of the same name in Cleburn County, Alabama 19.51 &&&&&&&&&&012191.&&&&&012,191 &&&&&&&&&&&&0625.&&&&&0625 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01619.&&&&&01,619 km2)
State map highlighting Okfuskee County
Oklahoma County 109 Oklahoma City 1891 Unassigned Lands in Indian Territory, the County 2 in Oklahoma Territory From two Choctaw words okla and humma, meaning people and red 1,013.59 &&&&&&&&&0718633.&&&&&0718,633 &&&&&&&&&&&&0709.&&&&&0709 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01836.&&&&&01,836 km2)
State map highlighting Oklahoma County
Okmulgee County 111 Okmulgee 1907 Creek Nation land Creek word meaning boiling water 57.49 &&&&&&&&&&040069.&&&&&040,069 &&&&&&&&&&&&0697.&&&&&0697 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01805.&&&&&01,805 km2)
State map highlighting Okmulgee County
Osage County 113 Pawhuska 1907 Contiguous with Osage Reservation The Osage Indian Reservation, inhabited by the Osage Nation 21.09 &&&&&&&&&&047472.&&&&&047,472 &&&&&&&&&&&02251.&&&&&02,251 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&05830.&&&&&05,830 km2)
State map highlighting Osage County
Ottawa County 115 Miami 1907 Multiple tribal reservations in Indian Territory. Ottawa Native American people 67.62 &&&&&&&&&&031848.&&&&&031,848 &&&&&&&&&&&&0471.&&&&&0471 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01220.&&&&&01,220 km2)
State map highlighting Ottawa County
Pawnee County 117 Pawnee 1897 Cherokee Outlet, then County Q in Oklahoma Territory The Skidi Pawnee Native American people 29.08 &&&&&&&&&&016577.&&&&&016,577 &&&&&&&&&&&&0570.&&&&&0570 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01476.&&&&&01,476 km2)
State map highlighting Pawnee County
Payne County 119 Stillwater 1890 County 6 in Oklahoma Territory in 1889, renamed to Payne County in 1907 David L. Payne, the key figure in opening Oklahoma to white settlement 112.76 &&&&&&&&&&077350.&&&&&077,350 &&&&&&&&&&&&0686.&&&&&0686 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01777.&&&&&01,777 km2)
State map highlighting Payne County
Pittsburg County 121 McAlester 1907 Choctaw Nation land Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 35.1 &&&&&&&&&&045837.&&&&&045,837 &&&&&&&&&&&01306.&&&&&01,306 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&03383.&&&&&03,383 km2)
State map highlighting Pittsburg County
Pontotoc County 123 Ada 1907 Chickasaw Nation Pontotoc is a Chickasaw word meaning cat tails growing on the prairie 52.07 &&&&&&&&&&037492.&&&&&037,492 &&&&&&&&&&&&0720.&&&&&0720 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01865.&&&&&01,865 km2)
State map highlighting Pontotoc County
Pottawatomie County 125 Shawnee 1891 Creek Nation and Seminole Nation lands. The Pottawatomie Native American people 88.12 &&&&&&&&&&069442.&&&&&069,442 &&&&&&&&&&&&0788.&&&&&0788 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02041.&&&&&02,041 km2)
State map highlighting Pottawatomie County
Pushmataha County 127 Antlers 1907 Pushmataha District of the Choctaw Nation The Pushmataha District of the Choctaw Nation 8.28 &&&&&&&&&&011572.&&&&&011,572 &&&&&&&&&&&01397.&&&&&01,397 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&03618.&&&&&03,618 km2)
State map highlighting Pushmataha County
Roger Mills County 129 Cheyenne 1895 County F in Oklahoma Territory U.S. Senator Roger Q. Mills 3.19 &&&&&&&&&&&03647.&&&&&03,647 &&&&&&&&&&&01142.&&&&&01,142 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02958.&&&&&02,958 km2)
State map highlighting Roger Mills County
Rogers County 131 Claremore 1907 Cooweescoowee District, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory Clem V. Rogers, a member of the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention and the father of entertainer Will Rogers 128.75 &&&&&&&&&&086905.&&&&&086,905 &&&&&&&&&&&&0675.&&&&&0675 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01748.&&&&&01,748 km2)
State map highlighting Rogers County
Seminole County 133 Wewoka 1907 Seminole Nation The Seminole Native American people 40.32 &&&&&&&&&&025482.&&&&&025,482 &&&&&&&&&&&&0632.&&&&&0632 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01637.&&&&&01,637 km2)
State map highlighting Seminole County
Sequoyah County 135 Sallisaw 1907 Sequoyah District and part of Illinois District, Cherokee Nation Sequoyah (George Guess), invented the Cherokee syllabary 62.89 &&&&&&&&&&042391.&&&&&042,391 &&&&&&&&&&&&0674.&&&&&0674 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01746.&&&&&01,746 km2)
State map highlighting Sequoyah County
Stephens County 137 Duncan 1907 Comanche County, Oklahoma Territory John Hall Stephens, a Texas congressman and advocate of Oklahoma statehood 51.37 &&&&&&&&&&045048.&&&&&045,048 &&&&&&&&&&&&0877.&&&&&0877 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02271.&&&&&02,271 km2)
State map highlighting Stephens County
Texas County 139 Guymon 1907 Seventh County (entire panhandle until 1907) The neighboring U.S. state of Texas 10.13 &&&&&&&&&&020640.&&&&&020,640 &&&&&&&&&&&02037.&&&&&02,037 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&05276.&&&&&05,276 km2)
State map highlighting Texas County
Tillman County 141 Frederick 1907 Comanche County, Oklahoma U.S. Senator Benjamin Tillman of South Carolina 9.17 &&&&&&&&&&&07992.&&&&&07,992 &&&&&&&&&&&&0872.&&&&&0872 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02258.&&&&&02,258 km2)
State map highlighting Tillman County
Tulsa County 143 Tulsa 1907 Cherokee Nation and Creek Nation land. Derived from Tulsey Town, Alabama, an old Creek settlement. 1,058.6 &&&&&&&&&0603403.&&&&&0603,403 &&&&&&&&&&&&0570.&&&&&0570 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01476.&&&&&01,476 km2)
State map highlighting Tulsa County
Wagoner County 145 Wagoner 1907 Cherokee Nation land Bailey P. Waggoner, attorney of the Missouri Pacific Railroad, which established the town of Wagoner 129.81 &&&&&&&&&&073085.&&&&&073,085 &&&&&&&&&&&&0563.&&&&&0563 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01458.&&&&&01,458 km2)
State map highlighting Wagoner County
Washington County 147 Bartlesville 1907 Cooweescoowee District of Cherokee Nation. First President of the United States George Washington 122.24 &&&&&&&&&&050976.&&&&&050,976 &&&&&&&&&&&&0417.&&&&&0417 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&01080.&&&&&01,080 km2)
State map highlighting Washington County
Washita County 149 Cordell 1897 County H in Oklahoma Territory The Washita River 11.58 &&&&&&&&&&011629.&&&&&011,629 &&&&&&&&&&&01004.&&&&&01,004 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&02600.&&&&&02,600 km2)
State map highlighting Washita County
Woods County 151 Alva 1893 County M in Oklahoma Territory. Kansas populist and territorial legislator Samuel Newitt Wood 6.9 &&&&&&&&&&&08878.&&&&&08,878 &&&&&&&&&&&01287.&&&&&01,287 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&03333.&&&&&03,333 km2)
State map highlighting Woods County
Woodward County 153 Woodward 1893 County N in Oklahoma Territory Santa Fe Railroad director B. W. Woodward 16.17 &&&&&&&&&&020081.&&&&&020,081 &&&&&&&&&&&01242.&&&&&01,242 sq mi
(&&&&&&&&&&&03217.&&&&&03,217 km2)
State map highlighting Woodward County
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